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Dry Relay Loan: Rate and Calculation of the Cost of Credit

Operation We speak of dry relay loan when it is not associated with a depreciable credit. It is then the only loan participating in the purchase of housing. Its duration is identical to a classic relay credit, ie two years maximum. This situation arises especially when the estimated price of the old dwelling, possibly increased […]

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Steps To Know If I Have Debts With The Treasury: Microcredits And Personal Loans

    If you are interested in applying for financing, as a freelancer or as a company, but you have the doubt of whether you are up to date with your payments or if you have debts with the Treasury, we will explain how to resolve the doubt and proceed with your request. It is […]

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I made a loan and I did not pay. And now, what happens?

You made a payroll loan or a credit operation and saw that you will not be able to pay. The first question that goes through your mind, of course, is “I made a loan and did not pay… what happens now?”. Failure to pay a debt has some consequences for the debtor. This text will […]

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What is the refinancing of the loan?

The loan refinancing service appeared relatively recently in many loan companies and probably that is why it is still not well known among people taking loans on the Internet. Meanwhile, it is worth knowing about it, because it is a good way to avoid many problems if you can not repay the loan within the […]

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Loan or Financing: What’s the Difference? – Low interest

First of all: what is the difference between loan or financing? Also try our new function, AudioText, making your day-to-day life easier. Both the financing and the loan are a contract between you and a bank, where you receive a value now and promise to pay the bank in the future, plus interest. The number […]

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