If you are interested in applying for financing, as a freelancer or as a company, but you have the doubt of whether you are up to date with your payments or if you have debts with the Treasury, we will explain how to resolve the doubt and proceed with your request.

It is normal that sometimes we doubt whether we keep all our payments up to date or not. That is why it is important to review our financial situation from time to time and remember or find out if we have a pending payment or any debt to settle. In the case of debts with finance, if you think you can have any, you have two options to solve all the doubts:

Go to the nearest Tax Agency office


The first thing you can do is go to the office of the Tax Agency that is closest to you or has been assigned to you before. Once there, what you should do is expose your case. It is advisable to request an appointment, as it is known that in these cases the wait is long and agonizing, so we also recommend that you arm yourself with patience. Once you have already presented your case and you are with the assigned manager, he will tell you whether or not you have debts with the finances and, if so, you can decide between deferring them and waiving financing from a credit institution. or pay them at that time and settle your debt with the Treasury.

Solve your debts with the Treasury through its website


As an alternative, you can check if you have debts with finance through internet. For this it is important that you know well the operation of your web page. It is a very successful alternative if you prefer not to have to spend long waits in the offices of the Tax Agency. In addition, it is demonstrated that electronic files are resolved with greater agility than those that receive paper documentation through an ordinary register. If you have a digital certificate, you can solve all your doubts without leaving home, simply by using a device with internet accessing the website of the Tax Agency. What you must do in this case is to enter www.aeat.es and select “Electronic Office” and then select the “Consult debts” option. The information offered on this tab is related to the settlement key, apart from the tax in question, the total amount pending payment, the period and the situation in which the outstanding debt is.

In addition, if you decide to pay part or all of your debt, the website gives you the option to generate a letter of payment immediately by clicking on “Get payment letter. ” Once you see on the screen the data that will generate the aforementioned letter, you must select “Accept”, but not before reviewing all the information carefully. Once this step is completed, we go to the page where we are requested the payment method with which we want to settle our debt or part of it. What we have just explained refers to the process to settle a single debt, even so, in some cases they also allow you to generate the same payment letter for various accumulated debts. For this, what we must do is select “Obtaining payment cards” instead of “Get payment letter”.

The Internet allows the procedures to be considerably streamlined and to make things easier for everyone involved. Due to the fact that the payment card is valid only on the same day, it is much more efficient to perform the procedures online and avoid the interests that may arise from our delay, a problem that we encounter frequently when we go to the physical offices and we find ourselves with long waiting queues that stress us and hinder the success of the transaction.

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